Study tour to Zhejiang University, Hanzhou and Shanghai (19-25 May 2008)

The BSE department has organized a study tour for our full time BEng students from 19-25 May 2008. Altogether 64 UGC year two and self funded year one students are joining this study tour. Six academic staff will accompany the students.

Our itinerary will include a building visit in Shanghai (金茂大厦), a sight seeing tour in a famous traditional riverside town ZhouZhong (周莊), academic and cultural exchange with the students of the Faculty of Mechanical and Energy Engineering at Zhejiang University (ZJU), and site seeing tours in the beautiful city of Hanzhou (杭州).

A planning team consists of two academic staff and 8 students were responsible for working out the details of the study tour program.

The study tour is partially supported by a fund allocated by SAO to provide cultural and academic experience to students outside Hong Kong. The BSE department gives support to the full time self funded year one students through the department’s earning’s account.

Over the past, the BSE department has organized study tour to Beijing, Shanghai and Xian. Students has gained much cultural exposure, learned to practice Putonghua and had a chance to present what they have learned in Hong Kong. They also learned from professors and students from mainland China Universities on what they have to offer to us. The study tours were well received by the students.

Henan-HK Joint Symposium 2008

The symposium is jointly organized by CIBSE, HKIE and ASHRAE. BSE Dept., PolyU is the co-organizing university providing support to this annual event. The department is proud to be the co-organizing university since 1997. The symposium provides an opportunity for exchange of BS technology and knowledge. It also provides a discussion platform for engineers, academia and professionals engaged in building industry coming from Mainland and HK. There are five technical papers contributed by BSE academic staff this year.