Mission of the Research Centre

The mission of the Research Centre for Building Environmental Engineering (RCBEE) is to undertake advanced applied research and consultancy in issues related to indoor environmental control systems. The general aim is to achieve healthy, comfortable and productive indoor environments with minimal energy consumption. The centre particularly encourages interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary researches.

Research activities of the Center:

Two critical issues:

• Indoor environmental quality concerning the health, comfort and productivity of building users;

• Energy efficiency associated with heating and/or cooling buildings, concerning the sustainable development of modern economies.

Research activities are grouped into six strategic areas:

Indoor environmental quality studies: indoor air pollution, ventilation and indoor air quality; air cleaning technologies; thermal, lighting, acoustic and electromagnetic environment indoors;
Energy efficiency and utilization of renewable energy: building integrated photovoltaics, solar water heating and wind power in buildings; solar-assisted air-conditioning system; Building envelop design; peak electricity demand shifting technologies
Building automation and intelligent buildings; Automatic Fault Detection in BMS, Optimized control
Advanced system development: HVACR technology development; modeling of radiant cooling and desiccant dehumidification, personal ventilation systems; direct expansion (DX) air conditioning systems; air-movement-enhanced thermal comfort; power quality control; electromagnetic interference control, advanced technology in lightning protection;


Advanced engineering and computer simulation analysis: building thermal modeling; Indoor environmental modeling; CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis of natural and mechanical ventilation, modeling daylight and solar energy availability, forecasting of building sector energy demand; life cycle energy analysis; building total-performance rating methods;
Management and operation and maintenance issues: diagnosis of building air quality, and energy auditing; Building Operations Economics

Achievements of the Research Centre

Publications / Scholarly Output: More than a hundred technical reports in internationally reviewed journals each year
Recognition: Known to the local construction industry to be leader in building energy and environmental research, and to the international research community as active researchers, members are invited to a wide range of high-level scholarly activities:
Technology Transfer / Consultancies / Patent
o Staff undertake more than ten consultancy projects each year
o Patent technologies are being generated

Research Grants: Every year 3 – 4 research grants from RGC, plus some grants from other funding bodies. Two members won the PolyU Presidential Awards due to their excellent achievements in the past two years.
Academic Collaboration: Research collaborations established with more than 10 overseas and Mainland top universities
Education / Training
o More Research degree positions: PhD, MPhil, with full-time and part-time options
o Short training courses to cater for immediate and long-term industrial needs

For further information, contact:
Professor J.L. Niu, The Center Director,Phone: 27667781, E-Mail: mailto:jian-lei.niu@polyu.edu.hk