To imagine, engineer and promote sustainable, salutogenic and safe environments for human habitation


Building Energy

Energy issues in the building and built environments are addressed in the context of both demand and supply. We work on enhancing energy efficiency on the demand side by optimized design and smart control of energy systems and use of nano-coatings. One the supply side, we promote effective use of renewables as well as innovative use of waste for clean energy generation.


Building Environment

Research in this area has helped improve indoor and outdoor environments, such as HVAC systems to control indoor air temperature and humidity for thermal comfort and energy efficiency. Improving indoor built environments involves thermal, indoor air quality (IAQ), visual and acoustic aspects. Technology enabling ventilation and sound insulation has been applied in hostels, public housing estates and a private housing estate.


Building Safety and Resilience

With intelligent facilities in tall buildings, traditional aspects of building safety such as structural strength and fire resistance must also include newer concerns, such as interference of lightning bolts with electrical and electronic systems. The structural response to fire is simulated to facilitate an understanding of the progressive collapse mechanisms of tall buildings in large fires that may spread over multiple floors.