Building Safety and Resilience

With intelligent facilities in tall buildings, traditional aspects of building safety such as structural strength and fire resistance must also include newer concerns, such as interference of lightning bolts with electrical and electronic systems. The structural response to fire is simulated to facilitate an understanding of the progressive collapse mechanisms of tall buildings in large fires that may spread over multiple floors.

Theme Leader:


  • Professor CHOW Wan-ki
    • Safety, Reliability, and Disruption Management of High Speed Rail and Metro Systems (RGC Theme-based Projects)
    • A Study of Internal Fire Whirl in Vertical Shafts with Open Roofs (RGC General Research Fund)
    • A Study on Explosion Hazards of Clean Refrigerant Propane Leaking from Air-conditioning Units in Small Commercial Flats (RGC General Research Fund)
    • A Study on Electric and Magnetic Effects Associated with an Internal Fire Whirl in a Vertical Shaft (RGC General Research Fund)
    • A Study on Powder Explosion Hazards and Control Schemes When Clouds of Coloured Powder are Sprayed in Partially Confined Areas (RGC General Research Fund)
    • A Scale-modelling Study on Ventilation-limited Cavern Fires (Central Research Grant)

  • Professor USMANI Asif Sohail
    • Further Development of OpenSees structures-in-fire (SiF) Simulation (Competitive Research Grant)
    • Investigation of the Fire Performance of Stainless Steel Composite Structures (Central Research Grant)
    • Simulating Large-scale Progressive Collapse of Tall Buildings and Bridges, (Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme award, RGC Hong Kong, HK$ 730,000)
    • Collapse analysis of Plasco building using OpenSees, (CNERC Hong Kong Branch, HK$ 279,056)
    • Smart Firefighting for the Greater Bay Area, Co-I with Dr Huang (RISUD, PolyU HK$ 1,119,720)
    • SureFire: Smart Urban Resilience and Firefighting, (Theme-based Research Scheme, RGC Hong Kong, HK$ 33.333 Million) – PhD and Post-doctoral research positions AVAILABLE !!!

  • Professor DU Ya Ping
    • Evaluation of Lightning Surges in Radio Base Stations for Mobile Communication (RGC General Research Fund)
    • Developing the Traveling Wave Theory for Lightning Transients on Vertical Structures (RGC General Research Fund)
    • Lightning-Generated Electromagnetic Transients in a Planar Structure Using a PEEC Approach (RGC General Research Fund)
    • A Stable Extended FDTD Thin-Wire Model for Lightning Surge Analysis (RGC General Research Fund)
    • Development of an Extended FDTD Thin-wire Model for Lightning Surge Analysis (Central Research Grant)

  • Dr CHEN Mingli
    • Pioneer Observations of Upward Lightning Initiated from Tall Grounded Structures (Competitive Research Grant)
    • New Approach for Evaluating the Effect of Electromagnetic Field Propagating over Rough Earth Surface with Lightning Data and Its Result Interpretation with Modelling (RGC General Research Fund)
    • Study of the Leader Evolution and its Associated Space Electric Field based on VHF Source Mapping and Electric Field Measurement of Lightning Downward Leaders (RGC General Research Fund)
    • Study of the Effect of Hydrometeor Dynamics on Lightning Initiations Within a Thundercloud Based on Cloud Modelling and Lightning Observations (RGC General Research Fund)
    • Modelling of Currents, Lights and Electromagnetic Fields of Lightning Return Strokes Based on Maxwell Integral Equations and its Validations with Observations (RGC General Research Fund)
    • Probing of the Low Ionosphere Based on a Lightning Sferic Detection Network with a Ray Theory Based Earth-Ionosphere-Waveguide Model (RGC General Research Fund)

  • Dr LAI Hung Kit
    • Optimisation of Operating Resources and Carbon Footprints for Attaining Sustainable Commercial Buildings (RGC General Research Fund)
    • Development of an Analytic Facilities Management Performance Evaluation Method for Hospital Buildings (RGC General Research Fund)
    • Optimisation of Operating Resources and Carbon Footprints for Attaining Sustainable Commercial Buildings (Central Research Grant)
    • Building Operation and Maintenance: Key Performance Indicators for Commercial Buildings and Manpower in Hong Kong

  • Dr HUANG Xinyan
    • Fundamental Study on the Firebrand Ignition of Building Insulation Materials (Competitive Research Grant)
    • Microgravity Combustion and Fire Safety in Space Applications
    • Thermal Safety of Energy Storage Materials
    • Wildland Fire Dynamics and Fire Ecology