Building Environment

Research in this area has helped improve indoor and outdoor environments, such as HVAC systems to control indoor air temperature and humidity for thermal comfort and energy efficiency. Improving indoor built environments involves thermal, indoor air quality (IAQ), visual and acoustic aspects. Technology enabling ventilation and sound insulation has been applied in hostels, public housing estates and a private housing estate.

Theme Leader:


  • Prof Deng Shiming and Dr Chan Ming-yin
    • Modeling and control for direct expansion (DX) air conditioning and refrigeration systems with an emphasis on the simultaneous control of indoor air temperature and humidity;
    • Thermal environmental control for sleeping environments;
    • Novel defrosting strategies for air source heat pumps (ASHPs).

  • Prof. Mak Cheuk Ming and Prof. Niu Jianlei
    • Development of design methodologies for the improvement of wind and thermal comfort in the urban environment—(RGC CRF group research project);
    • Research students: Du Yaxing, Huang Taiyang, Xie Yongxin Sherry, Li Jianong
    • Interunit pollutant dispersion in buildings;
    • Research student: Dai Yuwei
    • Envelope design to improve ventilation performance of residential buildings in dense urban environments.

  • Prof. Mak Cheuk Ming
    • Prediction of flow-generated noise from multiple in-duct elements in a ventilation system;
    • Noise control in a duct based on a Helmholtz resonator array;
    • Research student: Cai Chenzhi
    • Methods for assessing the performance of vibration isolators of building services equipment;
    • Research student: Wang Zhen
    • Effect of Speech Intelligibility in Classroom Acoustical Environment;
    • Research student: Yang Da
    • Development of active noise control algorithms and application to buildings using distributed acoustic network.
    • Research staff: Chu Yijing

  • Dr. Wei Minchen Tommy and Prof. Mak Cheuk Ming
    • IEQ through Daylighting and Smart LED Lighting.

  • Dr. Wei Minchen Tommy
    • Human Perception under Different Light Stimuli.

  • Dr. Cha Seung Hyun
    • Development of an Agent-Based Space-Use Prediction Simulation System
    • Research staff: Jeonghwan Kim
    • User Preference-based Space-use Probability Generation
    • Research staff: Shanying Shih
    • Interdisciplinary and collaborative learning through a BIM-based immersive virtual environment in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) education
    • Research staff: Jeongmin Park

  • Prof. Tang Shiu Keung
    • Natural Ventilation-enabling Noise Control Devices.

  • Prof. Chau Chi Kwan
    • On the study of effects of different configurations of neighborhood sceneries on sound perceptions.