Alternative and Renewable Energy Studies 可再生能源利用研究

Researcher : Professor Yang Hongxing
Research staff : Lou Chengzhi, Guo Hui, Wong Yongfu (research associate), Zhou Wei (Research assistant)
Research students : Cui Ping, Fung Yu-yan, Li Yu-tong (PhD student)

Summary of Research

Renewable energy research led by our Renewable Energy Research Group (RERG) is one of our strategic areas in the Department. The research activities include research and consultancy in building-integrated photovoltaic applications (BIPV), wind power generation, hybrid solar-wind power, solar thermal application, solar cooling technology, ground-source heat pumps, landfill gas application and renewable energy application in buildings. We have a team of renewable energy R&D specialists in system simulation, system design, development of innovative products and control devices, and project monitoring. We have completed a number of high-profile research and consultancy projects in Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong. Our Solar Energy Laboratory has been developed recently for research and testing services of advanced solar energy products for the local industry and the industry in Guangdong Province. We are now developing an area of strength in renewable energy research and consultancy for making PolyU the centre of renewable energy studies in South China and Southeast Asian countries.

Solar garden lighting units in Kodoorie Farm. The first BIPV experimental system in Hong Kong.
The PV-roof in Kadoorie Farm. The hybrid solar-wind energy system in Guangdong.

Examples of Funded Projects

Project Title PI/Co-I Funding Source Year
1 Development of the Ground-Coupled Heat Pump Technology for Air-conditioning and Hot Water Supply in Hong Kong Yang Hongxing RGC CERG 2005
2 Validated Simulation of Heat and Mass Transfer on Indirect Evaporative Coolers
for Energy Recovery in Central Air-Conditioning Systems
Yang Hongxing
Simon Deng
3 Developing Effective Use of Small Wind Turbines for Renewable Power Generation in Hong Kong Yang Hongxing
Yu Zhou
PolyU Inter-faculty Fund 2004
4 Development of an Innovative Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Cladding Technology Yang Hongxing
Yiqing Ni
PolyU Dean Reserve Grant 2003
5 Study on Hybrid Solar-Wind Power Generation for Renewable Energy Applications in Hong Kong Yang Hongxing
Francis Yik
PolyU Research Fund 2001
6 Energy Performance Evaluation of Advanced-Window Frame Systems Yang Hongxing
Chan Kwok-Tai
7 Photovoltaic Integration in Buildings for Solar Energy Applications in Hong Kong Yang Hongxing
John Gilleard
Industrial Support Fund 1997

Supporting Facilities (and Platforms)

In order to serve the renewable energy industry and investigate various renewable energy applications the Renewable Energy Laboratory has been developed for teaching, research and consultancy activities. The Laboratory provides test facilities for testing solar energy devices of solar thermal and solar photovoltaic applications. It can be used to develop and verify computer simulation models for use in energy simulation of buildings. The performance of air-conditioning and ventilation systems can also be tested, e.g. natural ventilation, shading effect and passive solar design of buildings. The performance of a lot of industrial products can be assessed so that a certifying program can be developed to issue standard certifications to local industry. Solar collectors, solar cells, photovoltaic panels, advanced windows, facade claddings, heat storage systems, roof materials, etc. can be tested in the laboratory.

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