Introduction to BSE

Building services primarily include air-conditioning and ventilation, electrical distribution and lighting, active fire protection, plumbing and drainage, vertical transportation, security, telecommunication, and building automation systems. Satisfactory performance of these systems is crucial to providing a safe, healthy, comfortable and productive environment for people and processes in buildings.

Building Services Engineering (BSE) is a multi-disciplinary profession which entails the application of art and science in design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of services systems for buildings. Given the ever-rising needs and expectations of users, building services systems have become increasingly sophisticated, leading to the mounting demand for competent building services professionals.

Worldwide there have been growing recognitions that the performance of buildings and their services systems has significant impacts on the environment. The prevalent pursuit of green and sustainable buildings further highlights the vital role that building services professionals have to play in enhancing such aspects as energy conservation, indoor environmental quality, resources recycling, waste minimization and pollution control associated with the use of buildings.

Summary of Undergraduate & MSc Programme

The output from this research targets the local professional community, and professionals in China and the region. Dissemination will be in form of WEB based information papers, dual language guidance notes and publications. Notwithstanding, the output includes publication in journals of international repute.

BSE Subject List