Renewable Energy Laboratory and Solar Simulator Laboratory

Renewable Energy Laboratory (Room ZS1004)

This laboratory is established for students and researchers to do fundamental and applied researches on renewable energy resources, especially on development of solar energy materials and green building materials in collaboration with industry and leading academic institutions. The researches aim to give advanced and innovative technological solutions for renewable energy generation and sustainable built environment. The laboratory's major R&D activities mainly include development of solar energy materials and solar cells, nanotechnology and functional coatings, and green and energy-efficient building envelope materials.

Contact person:
Prof. Lu Lin, Vivien
Tel.: (852) 3400-3596

Solar Simulation Laboratory (Room ZN1013)

In this laboratory, students and researchers can carry out different solar energy research experiments including solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, solar cooling and solar lighting system tests. Two solar simulators are provided to test the electrical characteristics of solar cells and PV modules. The thermal performance of PV modules, solar collectors and BIPV/T modules can be tested as well in the lab. Other renewable energy test rigs are also available, such as an inline water pipe hydropower generation system and a solar-assisted air conditioning system.

Contact persons:
Prof. Yang Hongxing
Tel: (852) 2766-5863