Indoor Air Quality (Bioaerosal) Laboratory

The BSE Bioaerosols Laboratory at Biological Safety Level 2 (BSL-2) is equipped with a Class II, biological safety cabinet stated in “Guidelines on Biosafety in the Clinical Laboratory” issued by the Department of Health (2005). Scientists and technicians have expertise in a wide variety of technical areas, including:

  • Bacterial growth analysis and experimental synthesis
  • Quantification and identification
  • Biofilms and bioaerosols
  • Controlled biological systems
  • Field and environmental sampling/collection
  • Influence of ventilation on airborne microorganism dispersal and deposition
  • Evaluating air disinfection devices

Wide range of bioaerosols sampling facilities for laboratory and field studies including single stage impactors, Anderson samplers, biotest RCS plus, incubator and autoclave are also equipped in this Laboratory.