Design and Development Centre

Design and Development play an important role in the Department's teaching and research. The Design and Development Centre (Development Centre) is consisted of two open plan design offices and a workstation room. The Development Centre occupies a total floor area of 320 m2, providing 80 student workstations with fast desktop computers. A dedicated student file server is linked to all PCs using Windows 10 Operation System. Supporting hardwares include HP laserjet printers, HP colour printers, HP colour plotter for large drawings, scanner, LCD projectors and multimedia facilities.

Many computer softwares have been acquired to facilitate teaching and research. Examples include AutoCAD, HevaComp, EnergyPlus, EcoTech, DIALux, FPETOOL, Matlab, Paladin DesignBase, HvacLoadExplorer, BMSOnline, PCSOL, TSOL, HKDLC99, OTTV, TrueView, SketchUp, SPSS, FLUENT, ANSYS … etc.

The Department’s laboratories and Design and Development Centre facilities are developed and maintained for teaching and research with continuous effort and emphasis, which strive to enhance the teaching of all the programmes in the Department.

Laboratories and the Development Centre will be accessible to students in Weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons at peak times of student project submission, subject to advance booking and arrangement.

Design and Development Centre is located in ZN802 of the Z Block. It provides computing facilities for BSE students. This center is for both teaching and student self studying purpose.
Hardware :
80 x Intel Core i5 Level PC system
2 x A0 Plotter
2 x LaserJet Printer (A4)
4 x Ink Jet Printer (2 pcs A3, 2 pcs A4)
1 x Scanner & Mutlimedia Workstation

Besides the PC systems, a PolyU Cloud Storage system and student servers with Cloud Computing Infrastructures is setup for students to store their works and used for assignment submission. All PC systems are connected to the internet and the campus network. Students can use the facilities for their projects and searching information

The Department uses a wide range of software for teaching and research, from entry level business and Design & Development applications to specialist computer modelling and analysis software.

The main items include:

General Application Software

AutoCAD 2020 - for drafting and designing of architectural layout and building services systems

MS Office 2016 - for word processing spreadsheet and powerpoint presentation

MS Project 2016 - for project management

MS Publisher 2016 - for preparing material such as newsletters, brochures, flyers.

NOD 32 - for PC system virus protection

BandiZip - file archive utility.

Artweaver - photo editing software

XnView - image viewing and processing software

Acrobat - for create and viewing PDF files.

CDBurnerXP - CD/DVD burning software

Engineering Simulation Software

Building Services Library (BSL) - For the AutoCAD environment, offering a comprehensive library of symbols and routines. BSL to link to HevaCAD, allowing design from the concept stage to final working drawings

ASCOS - Analysis of Smoke Control Systems program

BECON - An in-house design simulation package, for HVAC system design and evaluation. The package includes OTTV, HKDLC and other sub-routines for evaluation of budding load and performance.

FACET - A sophisticated package for the design of a full range of building services systems

Electrical Distribution and Transmission Systems Analysis (EDSA) - A set of programs for electrical distribution system design and analysis

Energy Plus - For anlaysing building cooling loads for HVAC system design

Micro-DOE2 - For analysing energy use in buildings and associated heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems

Dialux - For lighting simulation and design software

CCSIM - An in-house design simulation package, for cooling coil model

BLAST (Building Loads Analysis and System Thermodynamics) - to perform peak load calculations and hourly simulation of buildings, air-handling systems and central plant

LIBRA Thermal - A finite element analysis program for solving heat transfer problems

NISA Fluid 3D - For analysing a wide range of two and three dimensional flow problems using finite element technique

HevaComp - Design software covers a range of building services systems. This package includes HevaCAD and BSL Library-HevaStar

FLOVENT - A computational fluid dynamics package for simulating flow field induced by heat sources

FLUENT - A CFD code for a wide range of flow modeling applications;

PHOENICS - A computational fluid dynamics package for simulating flow field induced by heat sources

PVSOL - The Photovoltaic dynamic Simulation Programme.

TSOL - The Solar Thermal System simulation Programme.

RADIANCE - A suite of lighting simulation programs

TASEF - A finite element package for simulating the thermal fire resistance of building materials.

BMSOnline - A Simulated Living Environment of Air-conditioning and BMS for Practicing Online Controls

EcoTech - Energy simulation software

FPETool - Fire engineering calculations software

SPSS - Statistical analysis software

MatLab - Multi-paradigm numerical computing environment.