Professor Deng Shi-Ming obtained his PhD in 1991 in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering from South Bank Polytechnic, London, UK, where teaching and research activities in building services engineering were at leading position at that time. He joined The Hong Kong Polytechnic University as a lecturer in 1992 and is now a Professor and an associate head of Department of Building Services Engineering. He is now a fellow of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE), and a member of American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). 


Research Interests

Professor Deng's research interests include: direct expansion (DX) air conditioning and refrigeration system simulation and control strategies development; applying air conditioning and thermal comfort in sleeping environment in tropics or subtropics; building energy use performance analysis including building energy audit and benchmarking (in particular for hotel buildings). Professor Deng has published totally over 120 journal and conference papers. Currently, Professor Deng leads a research group of DX air conditioning technology, and there are two postdoctoral fellows and four PhD students and a few master students working in the group. The group, with the support of a large equipment fund from the university, built an advanced research laboratory of DX Air Conditioning Technology. Over the years, the total amount of research grants from various sources exceeds five millions Hong Kong Dollars. His research has strong application values, for example, leading to two ASHRAE Journal papers on sizing replacement chillers for higher operational efficiency and the use of heat pumps for hotel water production in subtropical buildings.


In addition, based on extensive research experiences, Professor Deng has carried out a number of high-level consultancy projects related to building energy audits, HVAC systems performance evaluation and optimization, and thermal modeling study of the thermal environment in a computer server room, etc.


Teaching Experience

The subjects Professor Deng teaches include: Air conditioning and refrigeration at undergraduate level and Energy Efficient Buildings (EEB) at postgraduate level. The subject of EEB is welcomed by students, attracting around 80 students every year. In addition, Professor Deng supervises around 15 student dissertations up to PhD levels every year.


Selected Major Publications

¡P         2010    Qi Qi, Deng Shiming, Xu Xiang Guo and M Y Chan ¡§Improving Degree of Superheat Control in a Direct Expansion Air Conditioning System¡¨, International Journal of Refrigeration 33 (1) 125-134

¡P         2010    Chen Wu and Deng Shiming ¡§Research on a novel DDC-based capacity controller for the direct-expansion variable-air-volume A/C system¡¨, Energy Conversion and Management 51(1) 1-8

¡P         2009    Xu Guoying, Deng Shiming, Zhang Xiaosong, Yang Lei and Zhang Yuehong ¡§Simulation of a photovoltaic / thermal heat pump system having a modified collector/evaporator¡¨, Solar Energy 83(11) 1967-1976

¡P         2009    Xia Liang, M Y Chan,  Deng Shiming and Xu X G ¡§Dehumidification effects in the superheated region (SPR) of a direct expansion (DX) air cooling coil", Energy Conversion and Management 50(12) 3063-3070

¡P         2009    Qi Qi and Deng Shiming ¡§Multivariable control of indoor air temperature and humidity in a Direct Expansion (DX) Air Conditioning (A/C) System¡¨, Building and Environment 44 1659-1667 

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¡P         2008    Xu Xiang Guo, Xia Liang, M Y Chan and Deng Shiming ¡§Modified McQuiston Model for Evaluating Efficiency of Wet Fin Considering Effect of Condensate Film Moving on Fin Surface¡¨, Energy Conversion and Management 49 (8) 2403-2408

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