Dr. Chau has a diversified academic background in quantity surveying, architecture and mechanical engineering. He earned his Master Degrees in Architecture and Mechanical Engineering, and a Doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering. His major research interests are in studying the inter-relationships between human and built environment, economic valuation and benchmarking of sustainable built environments, air quality and soundscape. He has also been actively involved in consultancy projects such as Costs and Financial Benefits of Undertaking Green Building Assessments, Consultancy Study on Life Cycle Energy Analysis of Building Construction, Cost effectiveness Study for Noise Barriers.


Academic and Professional Qualifications

            MS(Arch), MS(Mech), PhD, MCIOB, PFM. MHKIOA


Research Interests

·         Sustainability

·         Soundscape

·         Urban planning

·         Indoor and outdoor air quality

·         Life Cycle Analysis

·         Environmental performance

·         Engineering economics

·         Cost modeling

·         Decision making sciences

·         Econometrics 


Research and Academic Experiences

·         Chairman of the Structural Section ‘Moderating factors of the perception of sound and vibration’ for the 22nd International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV22), Florence (Italy), 12-16 July 2015

·         Task Force Member for the establishment of Hong Kong Green Building Council Academy

·         Invited Speaker for a CPD talk organized by BEAM Society in Hong Kong- ‘Cost and Benefits for Green Building Assessment’, Hong Kong, Oct 10, 2012.

·         Invited Speaker for Vertical Cities Conference in InterContinental Grand Stanford, Hong Kong, March 5-7, 2012

·         Program Leader for the MSc Program in High Performance Buildings

·         Structural Session Organizer and Chair for the Session ‘Economic Valuation of the Sound Environment’ in Internoise 2011, Osaka, Japan, Sept 4-7th, 2011.

·         Organizing Committee Member of the Joint Symposium for Hong Kong Institute of Engineers, Low Carbon High Performance Buildings, Hong Kong, 2010.

·         Scientific Committee Member for the 2nd International Symposium, Integrated Lifetime Engineering of Buildings and Civil Infrastructures, December 1-3, 2003 Kuopio, Finland.

·         Task Group Member for International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction, W105-Life Time Engineering in Construction, 2001- 2005.

·         External Examiner for Diploma in Housing Management/Certificate in Housing Practice offered by SPACE in the University of Hong Kong, Jan 2002 - Dec 2004. 


Teaching Experience

·         Carbon Footprint Assessment

·         Sustainability and Built Environment

·         Construction and Facilities Management

·         Benchmarking

·         Indoor Air Quality

·         ThermoFluids 


Selected Research and Development Grants

·         An Investigation of the Impact of Composite Neighborhood Sceneries and the Combined Sounds on the Total Sound Perception within Dwellings (General Research Fund)

·         Cost-benefit-Analysis for Implementing Green Buildings Promotion Incentives: with Transaction Costs Considerations (Construction Industry Council, Co-I)

·         An Investigation of the Impact of Natural Sounds on the Acceptability of Acoustic Environment within Residences (General Research Fund)

·         On the Study of Effect of Aesthetic Appearance of Vegetated Noise Barriers on Noise Annoyance Moderation (Environment Conservation Fund)

·         Development of Building Design and Planning Guidelines for Reducing Annoyance and Restoring Stress (General Research Fund)

·         Identification of Barriers and Opportunities for Sustainable Building Development (RGC Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme)

·         Cost Analysis of Building a Powerhouse (Building Environmental Council)

·         On the Public’s Willingness-to-pay for Improved Acoustics in Residential Environments (Environment Conservation Fund)

·         Evaluate the Cost Implications of Architectural Treatments on Residential Building Developments for Meeting Proposed Compliance Percentages of Residential Units under the HKPSG Noise Standard (Environmental Protection Department) 


Selected Major Publications

Book Chapter

Assessment of CO2 Emissions Reduction in High-rise Concrete Office Buildings Using Different Material Use Options’ published in Handbook of Low Carbon Concrete by Elsevier, 39:61, 2017,


Journal Papers

On Soundscape

·         Leung T.M., Xu. J.M., Chau C.K., Tang S.K. and Pun-Cheng L.S.C, The Effects of Neighborhood Scenes with Multiple Visual Features on Road Traffic Noise Perception at Dwellings, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 141(4):2399-2407, 2017.

·          Leung T.M., Chau C.K., Tang S.K and Xu. J.M, Developing a Multivariate Model for Predicting the Noise Annoyance Responses due to a Combination of Water Sounds and Road Traffic Noises, Applied Acoustics, 127:284-291, 2017.

·         Tse M.S., Chau C.K., Choy Y.S., Tsui W. K., Chan C.N., and Tang S.K., Perception of Urban Park Soundscape, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 131(4): 2762-2771, 2012.

·         Li, H.N., Chau C.K., Tse M.S., and Tang S.K., The Effects of Sea Views, Greenery Views and Personal Characteristics on Noise Annoyance Perception in Homes, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 131(3): 2131-2140, 2012.

·         Li H.N., Chau C.K., and Tang S.K., Can Surrounding Greenery Reduce Noise Annoyance at Home? Science of the Total Environment, 408: 4376-4384, 2010.

·         Li H.N., Chau C.K., Tse M.S. and Tang S.K., Valuing Road Noise for Residents in Hong Kong, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 14: 264-271, 2009.


On Air Quality and Economics


·         Fan M., Chau C.K., Chan E.H.W and Jia J., A Decision Support Tool for Evaluating the Air Quality and Wind Comfort Induced by Different Opening Configurations for Buildings in Canyons, Science of the Total Environment, 574:569-582, 2017.

·         Ng W.Y., Chau C.K., Powell G. and Leung T.M. Preferences for Street Configuration and Street Tree Planting in Urban Hong Kong, Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 14:30-38, 2015.

·         Ng W.Y. and Chau C.K, A Modeling Investigation of the Impact of Street and Building Configurations on Personal Air Pollutant Exposure in Isolated Deep Urban Canyons, Science of the Total Environment, 468-469:429-448, 2014.

·         Chau C.K., Hui W.K., and Tse M.S., Valuing the Health Benefits of Interventions to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Residence, Science of the Total Environment, 394:25-38, 2008.

·         Chau C.K., Hui W.K., and Tse M.S., Evaluation of Health Benefits for Improving Indoor Air Quality in Workplace, Environment International, 33: 186-198, 2007.

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On Energy, Building Assessment, and Life Cycle Analysis and Economics


·         Chau C.K., Xu J.M., Leung T. M., and Ng W. Y., Evaluation of the Impacts of End-of-Life Management Strategies for Deconstruction of a High-rise Concrete Framed Office Building, Applied Energy, 185(2), 1595-1603, 2017.

·         Chau C.K., Leung T.M. and Ng W.Y., A Review on Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Energy Assessment and Life Cycle Carbon Emissions Assessment on Buildings, Applied Energy, 143:395-413, 2015.

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On Urban Planning, Construction and Facilities Management and Economics


·         Chan S.Y., Chau C.K. and Leung T.M. On the Study of Thermal Comfort and Perceptions of Environmental Features in Urban Parks: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach, Building and Environment, 122:171-183, 2017.

·         Wang Y, Chau C.K., Ng W.Y. and Leung T.M. A Review on the Effects of Built Environment Elements and Facilities on Enhancing Walking and Cycling Activity Levels within Residential Housing Estates and Neighborhoods, Cities, 50:1-15, 2016.

·         Hui E.C.M., Chau C.K., Pun L. and Law M.Y., Measuring the Neighboring and Environmental Effects on Residential Property Value: From Hedonic Approach to Spatial Weighting Matrix, Building and Environment, 42: 2333-2343, 2007.

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·         Chau C.K., Sing W.L. and Leung T.M., Analysis of the HVAC Maintenance Contractors Selection Process, Building and Environment, 38:583-591, 2003. 


Services to Local and Overseas Community

·         Expert Member for International Energy Agency EBC ANNEX 72: "Assessing Life Cycle Related Environmental Impacts Caused by Buildings”

·         Panel Member of the Private Columbaria Appeal Board for the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of Hong Kong SAR Government, 29 Sept 2017 to 28 Sept 2020.

·         Panel Member of the Noise Control Appeal Board for the Environment Protection Department of Hong Kong SAR Government, 1 February 2016 to 31 January 2019

·         Chairman of Membership Sub-Committee for HKIOA, 2012-2017

·         Executive Member of HKIOA