Dr Huang is a Combustion Scientist and a Fire Protection Engineer. He received his PhD (2016) from Imperial College London, where he investigated the Smouldering Combustion of Peat, the largest fire phenomenon on Earth. Before that, he performed research on the Ignition and Flame Spread Theory during his MSc (2012) at University of California, San Diego, and on the Solar Energy during his BE (2010) at Southeast University, China. Prior to joining PolyU, Dr Huang was a Postdoc and Lecturer at University of California, Berkeley where he conducted research with NASA and JAXA on the Microgravity Combustion and Fire Safety in the International Space Station.               Google Scholar             ResearchGate

黄鑫炎,博士,香港理工大学屋宇设备工程系助理教授、博士生导师、消防工程研究中心 副主任。2016年在英国帝国理工 机械工程 博士;2012年在美国加州大学圣地亚哥分校 机械工程 硕士;2010年在东南大学 热能与动力工程 学士。加入香港理工大学之前,在美国加州大学伯克利分校担任博士后研究员、讲师,并与美国宇航局合作,从事微重力燃烧和国际空间站火灾安全的研究。主要研究领域涉及基础燃烧科学(包括化学动力学、火焰、阴燃)和火灾安全的应用研究(包括能源安全、森林火、火灾模拟排放)。黄博士是国际期刊 Fire Technology Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering的编委和客座编辑。目前发表了34SCI论文,其中14Combust. Flame Proc. Combust. Inst.,并担任33SCI期刊的审稿人(7次最佳审稿人)。曾获得英国燃烧学会年度最佳论文、英国帝国理工热流体领域最佳博士论文、卡塔尔石油清洁能源奖章、国家优秀留学生奖、全国青年燃烧会议特邀报告,以及五次国际会议最佳海报奖。


 Academic and Professional Qualifications

·         Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London (2016)

·         M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, University of California, San Diego (2012)

·         B.Eng. in Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Southeast University, China (2010)


Research Interests

·        Pyrolysis, Smouldering, and Self-ignition

·        Thermal Safety of Energy Storage Materials

·         Microgravity Combustion and Fire Safety in Spacecraft

·         Wildland Fires and Fire Ecology

·         Emission and Pollution Control from Combustion Processes

·         Heat Transfer and Phase Change

·         Computational Modelling of Fire Phenomena


Future Research Students:

I am looking for Research Assistant (RA), Master and PhD students who have passion to do cutting edge research with me in the areas of Heat Transfer, Energy, Combustion, Fire, Environmental Science and so on. For those who are interested in this position, please send your CV to me by email:

·        Previous research experience is preferred, but not required

·        IELTS or TOEFL score is required for non-native English speakers

·        Scholarships are available for good candidates, and top candidates can also apply for the (1) PolyU PhD Research Studentship, and (2) Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme

·        Exchange students from other institutions who are interested in my research are very welcome.


Professional Services

·    Guest Editor          

Special Issue of Fire Technology: Spacecraft Fire Safety (2018)


Special Issue of Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering: Wildland Fire (2018)

·     Editorial Board        

Fire Technology – Springer Nature (2016 - );


Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering (2016 - )

·     Committee

China National Symposium on Combustion, Harbin, China (2018)


4th Chinese National Young Scholar Meeting on Combustion, Wuhan, China (2018)


7th Association for Fire Ecology (AFE) International Congress, Orlando, USA (2017)

·     Member                  

New Technologies Subcommittee, International Association of Fire Safety Science (2014 - )

·     Conference Moderator

10th US National Combustion Meeting, Maryland, USA (2017)


8th International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards, Hefei, China (2016)


Honours and Awards


Sugden Award for the Most Significant UK Contribution to Combustion

Combustion Institute (British Section)


Keynote in 3rd National Young Scholar Meeting on Combustion

National Science Foundation of China


Katopodis Prize for Best PhD Thesis in Thermofluids

Imperial College London


Watts Award for Outstanding Reviewer

Fire Technology – Springer Nature


Medal for PhD Research Excellence in Clean Fossil Fuels

Qatar Petroleum


Award for Outstanding Student Abroad

China Scholarship Council


Exceptional Overseas Scholarship

Imperial College London

·         Best Poster Awards (x5): 10th, 11th, 12th IAFSS International Symposium; 2nd European Fire Symposium; 10th AOAFST Fire Symposium

·         Combustion/Fire Art Competition Winner (x4): 2011 US National Combustion Meeting; 10th, 11th IAFSS International Symposium; 33rd ASGSR Annual Meeting


Book Chapter/Technical Note

3.     H. Yuan, X. Huang, G. Rein (2018) Gpyro Workbook on Pyrolysis & Smouldering Problems. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1212540

2.     M.A. Santoso, X. Huang, N. Prat, E. Christensen, Eirik; Y. Hu, G. Rein (2018) Smouldering Fires and Effects on the Soil: the State of the Art, Chapter 14, Fire effects in soil properties (P. Pereira Ed.), CSIRO Publishing (in press).

1.       E. Christensen, Y. Hu, F. Restuccia, M. A. Santoso, X. Huang, G. Rein (2018) Experimental Methods and Scales in Smouldering Wildfires, Chapter 19, Fire effects in soil properties (P. Pereira Ed.), CSIRO Publishing (in press). 


Journal Publications

v  X. Huang, Y. Nakamura (2017) A Review of Combustion Fundamentals in Wire Fires, Invited Review Paper in Fire Technology (in prepare).

v  X. Huang (2018) Dripping Phenomena in Fire: Ignitability, Critical Size, and Flame Shedding, Combustion and Flame (under review).

v  J. Fang, Y. Xue, X. Huang*, J. Wang, S. Zhao, X. He, L. Zhao (2017) Dripping and extinction limits of wire fire under varying pressure and oxygen concentration, Scientific Reports (under review).

v  Y. Lu, X. Huang*, L. Hu, C. Fernandez-Pello (2017) Concurrent flame spread over the horizontal thin electrical wires, Fire Technology (under review).

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Peer Review (33 Journals)

·         Fire Technology (x 46) [Watts Reviewer Award]

·         Combustion and Flame (x5)

·         Proceedings of the Combustion Institute (x40) [Outstanding reviewer]

·         Fuel Process Technology (x1)

·         Applied Thermal Engineering (x9) [Outstanding reviewer]

·         Fire Safety Journal (x10)

·         Energy Conversion and Management (x16) [Outstanding reviewer]

·         Journal of Fire Science (x1)

·         Bioresource Technology (x10) [Outstanding reviewer]

·         Fire Ecology (x1)

·         Journal of Hazardous Materials (x3) [Outstanding reviewer]

·         Energy & Fuel (x5)

·         Science of the Total Environment (x2) [Outstanding reviewer]

·         Frontiers in Mech. Engineering (x1)

·         Fire Safety Science/IAFSS Symposium (x20)

·         Applied Energy (x1)

·         Combustion Science and Technology (x2)

·         Fire and Material (x1)

·         International Journal of Wildland Fire (x4)

·         Building Simulation (x1)

·         Int. Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (x1)

·         Energy Technology (x1)

·         J. of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis (x1)

·         Soil Discussions (x1)

·         J. of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (x1)

·         Materials (x1)

·         Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science (x1)

·         Journal of Hydrology (x1)

·         International Journal of Thermal Sciences (x2)

·         Frontiers in ICT (x1)

·         Frontiers in Plant Science (x1)

·         Applied Sciences (x1)

·         Fuel (x1)



Proposal Reviewer

2017           NASA (Combustion Science)


PhD Thesis Examiner / Reviewer

2016           Nieves Fernández Áñez             Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain