Dr. CHA is a building scientist and LEED AP, working in the design, operation, maintenance and management of buildings. His research interests include building information modelling, building energy and space efficiency, facility management, occupant behaviour, and post-occupancy evaluations. Dr Cha is recruiting talented Ph.D. candidates in these areas (but not limited). There are several funding opportunities available for students who wish to do Ph.D. study. Please feel free to contact him with a CV.


Academic and Professional Qualifications


Research and Academic Experiences

Dr. CHA was a visiting research scholar in the Design and Decision Support System (DDSS) group at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands in 2013 and in Architecture and Civil Engineering at City University of Hong Kong in 2014. He used to work as a Researcher in Nanyang Centre for Underground Space at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore in 2015.


Selected Major Publications


Submitted and In preparation

¡P         Cha, S., Kim, T. and Steemers, K., ¡§Modelling Space Preference for Group Work-related Activities: A Discrete Choice Experiment,¡¨ Environment and Behavior, Submitted.

¡P         Kim, T., Cha, S. and Kim, Y., ¡§Choice, Rejection, and Satisfaction of Campus Space,¡¨ Indoor and Built Environment, Submitted.

¡P         Cha, S. and Kim, T., "A Conceptual Framework of an Agent-Based Space-Use Prediction Simulation System," Journal of Construction Engineering and Project Management, Submitted.

¡P         Cha, S., Kim, T. and Steemers, K., ¡§Space Attributes and Contextual Factors Affecting Occupants' Spatial Choice Behaviour,¡¨ In preparation.

¡P         Cha, S., Han, Q., Vries, B. and Steemers, K., ¡§Space-Use Prediction towards Better Building Performance: A review,¡¨ In preparation.

¡P         Cha, S., Kim, T. and Steemers, K., ¡§Modelling Space Preference for Individual Work-related Activities,¡¨ In Preparation.